Use Cases
Tezos’ concise smart contracts written in Michelson are fantastic at catching bugs and hence precisely suited to execute financial contracts. Tezos was designed with security in mind, making it well suited for tokenizing real-world assets and digital money. Here are some use cases that are uniquely suitable for Tezos:

Financial Applications

The cybercrime division of the Gendarmerie in France has been validating judicial expenses incurred during investigations and recording them on Tezos since Sept 2019. Smart-contracts are designed to allow the justification of an expense without the risk of disclosing operational activities and jeopardizing ongoing investigations.
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Security Token Offerings (STOs)

A STO is a representative of ownership rights recorded on the blockchain and is programmed into a smart-contract. This opens up the investment market for illiquid assets such as real estate, art and commodities and even private equities to a wider base of investors. Below are some examples of how Tezos has been used for STOs.

BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest investment bank and Dalma Capital, a prominent Dubai asset manager making an announcement to utilize Tezos blockchain for STOs of ReitBz mid last year. The institutions plan to pipeline in excess of USD 1 billion for existing and prospective token issuances with a wide variety of traditional and alternative investments.

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Fundament Securities GmbH is the first of its kind to be approved by German financial regulator, BaFin, for their 250m EUR real estate-backed STO. They also provide end-to-end infrastructure for digital securities. They plan to introduce a legal-tech solution for tokenizing regulated financial products on Tezos. Moving forward they will build on Tezos as a default blockchain solution.

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In London, tZero and Alliance Investment planned to tokenize River Plaza, a luxury residential development in Manchester on the Tezos blockchain. Alliance Investments intends to tokenize at least $25 million of the value of River Plaza. River Plaza is the UK’s first real estate-backed STO and the first project of Alliance Investments’ real estate tokenization plan to tokenize $640 million of real estate projects across the UK in the next several years.

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Gaming & Digital Collectibles

Tezos is also venturing into the gaming and digital collectibles industry. Coase, launched by Tezos Co-Founder Kathleen Breitman, is building a digital collectible card game – Emergents on top of Tezos and aims to easily let people acquire and swap cards that they actually want.

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