TSA’s COVID-19 response

To all our partners, stakeholders and clients,

With regional shutdowns and nationwide lock-downs being announced literally by the hour, we are only kidding ourselves if this is just going to be “business as usual”.

What has become clear over the past few weeks is that COVID-19 is a global pandemic that will affect the way we work and live. I am writing to update you about the ways in which Tezos Southeast Asia is doing our part.

Our approach since January

Since January, when the first signs of local clusters of COVID-19 made their rounds in traditional media, Tezos Southeast Asia has been adopting a sombre yet pragmatic approach to what this means to us – not just from a business-as-usual perspective but also on how it impacts the very people that even clock in for work every day at 9:30 am sharp (be it rain or shine).

As an organisation, we have a calling to enable and empower the furtherance of the entire Tezos ecosystem- being one member out of the many globally. This comes with a huge responsibility to ensure that our staff are well taken care of.

On a day to day basis, we have office walk-ins from many external partners and stakeholders. The daily requests we deal with range from issues such as individuals wanting help to recover their accidentally lost wallet passphrases, to larger issues such as how the Tezos platform can be a fundamental source of growth for the transformation of entire industries as we know them today.

This is not a calling which we take lightly, and will never be, for as long as there is a global community of ecosystem members pushing such a narrative.

Our response to our employees

In view of the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation, I am instituting the following mandatory organization-wide policies for our employees:

· Employees who have returned from an overseas trip are placed on a 14 day mandatory (and remunerated as per normal) work from home notice where they will maximize social distancing from others.

· If you are feeling any COVID-19 related symptoms, do not worry about replying to that work email, completing that coding library or thinking about how to plan for an upcoming event – rather, seek medical advice immediately through our panel of corporate insurance partners so that you know you are well taken care of

· Whenever you have to make a decision around personal healthcare responsibility versus exposure to others in your workplace, know that the management is behind you and we will always prioritize the safety of employees and members of the Tezos ecosystem at-large over short term work deliverables

· It is perfectly OK to say that you are uncomfortable attending to a client who insists on meeting face to face – we will back you up and follow-up on your behalf from that point onwards

With immediate effect, all our full-time employees are instructed to work from home. High-quality 3M masks have also been imported for you to be issued in the office.

From this point onwards, external meetings should only be organized if absolutely necessary.

If you are having a fever or are feeling unwell, the immediate next step is to seek medical advice immediately through our panel of corporate insurance partners. Let your immediate manager know about the situation so that we can plan how to effectively take on your time-sensitive workload.

Our response to our stakeholders and clients

With immediate effect, the TSA office will be manned by a skeletal workforce made up of a rotation shift of interns, full-time staff, and executive committee members that are volunteering their time from 9:30 am to 6 pm every weekday.

We advise all non-essential meetings to be postponed or rescheduled to virtual/online mechanisms until further notice and will not hesitate to turn away anyone who is showing symptoms of illness or has had direct exposure to infection – even though you (and your business) might mean the world to us. We would also discourage walk-in visitors to the office without a prior appointment, and for those who meet with us – inside and outside of the workplace, you will be required to give your contact particulars (i.e name, email, phone number).

This might be awkward to say in front of our public stakeholders, but we are taking hard measures to ensure that the very people who are serving you daily are not put in unwarranted risky situations right now. I seek your kind understanding to stand in solidarity with us during these challenging times and am looking forward to emerging even stronger from this situation!


Yours Faithfully,

Caleb Kow


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