Tezos Asia 2019 –

The Future Frontier for Blockchain Technology

Proudly organized by Tocqueville Group and Tezos Southeast Asia

Blockchain technology has seen substantial development and growth in both capability and adoption over the past few years, and 2019 promises to be equally exciting. The increasing momentum and potential to disrupt are two of the many reasons why blockchain technology is here to stay. As infrastructure and network health improve, developers are able to focus more time, energy, and resources on building products firmly rooted in real-world use cases, making it easier for us to incorporate blockchain into our daily lives. Like any emerging technology, the road to mass adoption for blockchain is not without challenges, but the underlying innovation nevertheless continues to evolve and improve.


Governments and businesses alike are eagerly, but cautiously, watching blockchain technology closely to observe how it progresses, waiting for something to signal the right time to experiment with this new tech. Tezos is an open source blockchain protocol which has amassed a global community attracted to its transparency and security. The potential reliability Tezos offers is unprecedented for a blockchain network, and it’s this reliability that will drive disruption across industries. This seminar will focus on three prominent topics in the blockchain industry: smart contracts, file storage, and formal verification.


Join us in this first Tezos Seminar in Asia organized by Tocqueville Group and Tezos Southeast Asia to explore how the Tezos ecosystem has grown and how its key features will revolutionize various industries such as human resources, financial auditing, automation, file storage, and supply chain management towards Singapore’s vision as Smart Nation.


*Stay tuned for any changes and updates to the Agenda!

1300 – 1315
1315 – 1330
Welcome Address

Caleb Kow, President, Tezos Southeast Asia

Multiple community organisations have established and matured themselves throughout Asia, in a truly decentralized manner. Let us take a look at the key highlights over the past year and ecosystem.

1330 – 1350
MOU Signing Ceremony between Tezos Southeast Asia and CU Innovation Hub, Chulalongkorn University

Official MOU Signing Ceremony between Tezos Southeast Asia and official announcement of training course dates and the curriculum to be used during the training course.

1350 – 1435
Keynote Address:  Opportunities for Upgrading and Using Tezos
Arthur Breitman, Co-Founder, Tezos

With the exceptional Tezos community, the Tezos blockchain continues to be world-class and progressive in the ever-evolving blockchain landscape. Learn about and how we differentiate from others. The development of ongoing projects and what users can expect in the near future.


1435 – 1455
Understanding the Regulatory Environment of Blockchain

Chris Holland, Partner & Co-Founder, Holland & Marie Pte. Ltd.

As emerging technologies drive new business and service models, it creates a need for change in the regulatory environment of today. What are the regulations we currently have in place and what can we expect from regulators in striking or maintaining a balance between fostering innovation while also addressing upcoming disruptions.

1455 – 1515
Smart Contracts on Blockchain

Bernd Oostrum, CEO & Co-Founder, Tezsure

Smart Contracts have disrupted and created untapped opportunities in recent years, one of the sectors poised for change is that of Insurance. Let us look at how these changes are happening and while at it make a truly world changing scale to established businesses with contracts that are automated, secured and transparent.

1455 – 1515
Networking Coffee Break
1515 – 1545
The Significance of Formal Verification / Tracking : Blockchain in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles

William Vorobev, CEO & Founder, Chorus Mobility

With the increasing push for transformation in Industry 4.0, digitalization and automation create new challenges for traditional industries yet unlock potential for new applications to be birthed. How will formal verification in robotics and autonomous vehicles bring about increased convenience and enable new forms of commerce to take place?

1605 – 1640


Core Protocol Development of Tezos

Adrian Brink, Founder, Cryptium Labs

Continued relevancy in its day and age is necessary for the success of any technology. This session will present the unique self-amending features for protocol level improvements to be made on the Tezos platform.

1625 – 1640: Summary by Arthur Breitman (Co-Founder, Tezos) on how he envisions what will be interesting future evolvement of the Core Protocol.

1640 – 1710
Panel Discussion: Where Singapore and the Region Are Today in Blockchain and What New Applications It Will Bring?

Moderator: Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons

Jay Kagawa, President, Tezos Japan

Lee Jay Won, Consultant, tzVentures

Kenneth Bok, Founder, blocks

We deep-dive into a panel discussion evolving around what are the pain points which users face while adopting blockchain, what a new wave of applications should contain in order to  address them and where are pockets of such activity happening around the region.

1710 – 1740
Technical Panel Discussion for Bakers

Moderator: Adrian Brink, Founder, Cryptium Labs

Shazaf Burki, Founder, My Tezos Baker

Min Chul, CTO, Tezos Korea

Staking, or fondly known as “Baking” to some is one of the core tenets of the Tezos Platform which wraps around concepts important for the long term functioning of the network while at the same time rewarding participants. Over the year, many “Bakers” have sprung up around the world to create services which help users participate in securing the network while at the same time earning new tokens.

1745 – 1900
Networking Reception @ Cook & Brew (Level 33)


Caleb Kow

President, Tezos Southeast Asia

Arthur Breitman

Co-Founder, Tezos

Chris Holland

Partner & Co-Founder, Holland & Marie

William Vorobev

CEO & Founder, Chorus Mobility

Adrian Brink

Founder, Cryptium Labs

Bernd Oostrum

CEO & Co-Founder, Tezsure

Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons

Scientific Advisor, Tezos Southeast Asia 

Lee Jay Won

Consultant, tzVentures

Jay Kagawa

President, Tezos Japan

Shazaf Burki

Founder, MyTezosBaker

Min Chul

CTO, Tezos Korea

Kenneth Bok

Founder, blocks

The Westin Singapore

12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore, 018961 Singapore

How to get there:

3 to 5 minutes walk from Downtown Station (DT17) on the Downtown Line (blue) – Exit E.

10 minutes walk from Raffles Place Station (NS26 & EW14) on the North-South Line (red) and the East-West line (green) – Exit F.

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About Tezos

Tezos is a blockchain that can evolve by upgrading itself. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself, to reach social consensus on proposals. Tezos supports smart contracts and offers a platform to build decentralized applications.

For more information on Tezos, including developer resources, click here.

About Tocqueville Group

The Tocqueville Group (TQ) is an independent entity dedicated to growing, strengthening and addressing the needs of the Tezos ecosystem. Based in New York, TQ works to advance the Tezos ecosystem by providing support to projects and companies building on Tezos, creating open source software and other public goods, and connecting the global Tezos community.

About Tezos Southeast Asia

Tezos Southeast Asia (“TSA”) is an independent non-profit organisation based in Singapore dedicated to promoting Tezos blockchain in Southeast Asia. Tezos is a world-leading blockchain technology which offers a platform for smart contracts and decentralised applications. TSA seeks to empower individuals and entities within the region to create a decentralised digital commonwealth. TSA has dedicated itself to further develop the regional Tezos community and advance the project globally through education, R&D and partnerships.

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