The first ever 2 weeks intensive Tezos Masterclass was completed recently. We hope that the participants had a great time and benefited as much as we did. This event would not be possible with the help of the trainers, the invited speakers and last by not least the representatives from Nanyang Technological University.

We were very honoured to have the creator of Ocaml – Michel Mauny and the co-founder of Tezos – Arthur Breitman with us for the live Q&A session. Our trainers were also thrilled and they do get their fair share of questions-asking sessions.

After the first weekend, participants had to chance to compete in the Hackathon. The rules of the game is simple: race and get to the center of a square map. There is 3 games in total and each game has a duration of 400s. The participants then get a short break to revisit their strategies for the next round.

It is a good opportunity for participants work in groups and practice their programming and algorithmics in the language of their choice. With good strategies, teamwork and time management, and there we have our champion team – the Blockchainers.

The Blockchainers grew their organism in the 1st 10 round, then they proceed to defend the center before they started attacking the nearby organisms and finally going into defensive mode when they are near the center to protect the center coordinates.

Different teams has different strategies and they generally utilize the “charge to the middle” strategy in the initial stages of the game, before they start to think about attacking the other teams or defending their space. We even have a team that tried to get rid of another team by attacking their source. It’s amazing isn’t it, how young people think nowadays. It was also interesting to see how people react in the competition. In one of the games, one team is attacking the two teams nearest to him at the same time which allowed the last team to grow its organism peacefully. When the teams realised, that team has already grown its organism to reach the optimum position. Lady luck is definitely on Team A’s side for that game.

It was definitely an intense fight between the teams. P.S. The prize award is definitely something to work hard for.

The second weekend of the Masterclass was another insights-gaining session. Our trainers introduced the concepts such as automated reasoning, distributed databases, cryptography and mobile/web development to the participants.

As this is the first time we are organising a Tezos Masterclass, it was expected that it would not run all smooth. However, I had to say that this event ended well, with minor issues that needs to be improved.

We strive to make our next Tezos Masterclass a better one, so that more people could benefit from it.

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