Tezos Southeast Asia (“TSA”) is pleased to announce the launch of the Tezos India Foundation (“TIF”) with the support of the Tezos Foundation. 

TIF will be an independent non-profit organisation based in Bangalore, dedicated to promote the Tezos blockchain in India. TIF will assist individuals and entities in India to use the Tezos blockchain. TIF dedicates itself to further develop the Tezos community and advance Tezos in India through education, workshops and meetups.

To have the best reach in the country with 1.3 billion people, TIF will host events in seven different cities. After the first year of community meetups, developer workshops and a hackathon, the first year of Tezos in India will be closed off by the Tezos India 2020 Conference.

TIF sets the ambitious goal of training 250 developers in the coming 12 months. By doing this, TIF wants to support the goal of the Tezos Foundation to train 1,000 developers in 2019. TSA will provide support to TIF in terms of contributing its education training material developed and revised throughout 2019 in order to give activities a boost in India. 


For more information on Tezos India Foundation, please visit https://tezosindia.foundation/

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