To all our users of Tezos.ID, we know that it can be a cumbersome process of monitoring all the transaction activities of the accounts you have been keeping track of. We hear you and we have got you covered! Meet our latest feature – Account Monitoring on Tezos.ID. Its sole purpose is to provide a more convenient way to keep track of accounts. 

For the bakers and smart contract developers who use our blockchain explorer, we understand that it has been tedious to keep track of an account’s activities, whereby the initial procedure requires the user to first find the account page of the account that they wish to track. The user then has to keep a record of all the account hashes or bookmark the page using their browser’s bookmark function. This means that every time the user wants to view the transaction of a specific account, he or she has to access its account page. Now, imagine having to repeat this process for multiple accounts which would only get more tedious as the number of accounts they wish to track increases. 

Image 1: An example of how account monitoring is done before

Another pain point we have discovered is that a transaction activity could occur without the user’s knowledge until they have conducted another check on the accounts. Thus, how up-to-date a user is with the account transaction activities is solely dependent on when was the last check that the user has conducted a check. 

To solve these issues, we have implemented an Account Monitoring feature which is a prominent element that differentiates Tezos.ID from other Tezos blockchain explorers. The Account monitoring feature consists of three components, namely the ability to bookmark an account, the “My Profile” page and email notifications.

Image 2: “My Profile” Page with the bookmarked account

The Account Monitoring feature allows users with a Tezos.ID account to bookmark any account they wish to track on the Tezos.ID website and it will then produce a list of monitored accounts on the “My Profile” page where the users can view the latest transaction activities for all the accounts. The “My Profile” page, also allows users to give alias to their bookmarked accounts. This allows them to identify each unique account with their own labels and these aliases will also be reflected on any Tezos.ID pages. The Account Monitoring feature will also generate an email notification to the user each time a bookmarked account has a new transaction activity. 

Image 3: Account Page with an alias assigned

Image 4: A sample of an email notification

Through the Account Monitoring feature, we hope to bring greater convenience and ease of mind for our users. Firstly, the consolidation of all the bookmarked accounts onto the “My Profile” page allows users to easily view all the latest transaction activities that have occurred at a single glance. This provides convenience for users as it eliminates the tedious process of having to individually look up each account to see the latest transactions. Hence, greater user-efficiency can be achieved. Secondly, it provides a close to real-time email notification when a transaction activity of a bookmarked account occurs. This allows users to keep track of all the transaction activities of their bookmarked accounts without the need to access the site. 

Currently, we have many features in the pipeline and one of the more exciting features that we are developing is the baking and rewards details, which we have planned to release it in the coming weeks. This upcoming feature will allow users to view their account’s past and future baking as well as the reward details for their past baking and endorsement.

So, what are you waiting for? Go give the Account Monitoring feature a try!

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