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Guide to Using AirGap

Hello everyone, I am Melvin, the newer intern at Tezos Southeast Asia, whom Stevson introduced in the previous blog post. Seeing that I am newer and less experienced, Stevson seized this opportunity to task me with what he was supposed to be doing – writing up guides on how to use various wallets – while he moves on to greater tasks.

So yeah, let’s just get this rolling! In this post, you will be learning how to use the AirGap applications – Wallet and Vault – to store and manage your Tezos tokens.

AirGap is a cryptocurrency wallet that currently supports:

1. aeternity
2. Bitcoin
3. Ethereum
4. Groestlcoin
5. Tezos
6. Cosmos
7. aeternity Ethereum token

It is an alternative to hardware wallets, which are not practical for users with a small crypto fund to purchase for a tiny investment. AirGap allows users to achieve the same level of security as a hardware wallet just by using their mobile phones.

First, we have to install two mobile applications.
1. AirGap Vault:

In this offline application, you will store your confidential data and private keys in an offline environment, thus protecting it from potential cyber-attacks. That’s why the name ‘AirGap’ makes sense! Your private key is stored in a device that is not connected to the internet, hence it is called AirGap.

2. AirGap Wallet:

This is the wallet that you will be using to manage your transactions. You can install and use this app on your smartphone.

To clarify, there are two ways of using AirGap.

i) Two Devices

This is my preferred method.
AirGap Vault is used on a smartphone that is not connected to the internet.
AirGap Wallet is used on a everyday-use smartphone.
Communication between the two applications is done through QR codes.

ii) One Device

Both Vault and Wallet are installed on the same smartphone.
Communication between the two applications is done through app switching.

For this guide, I will be showing you how to use AirGap with two devices, as it is the most secure and recommended method. Now follow me closely!

To begin, you have to sync your Wallet and Vault.

Syncing accounts:
1. Install AirGap vault on a smartphone. We recommend using an air-gapped smartphone.
2. Generate a new secret in the AirGap vault application.

3. Think of 24 secret words and write them down on a piece of paper in their given order, and never take a screenshot of the words or upload the secret code online. Please ensure that your spelling is correct.

4. Verify and name your secret, so that you will be able to identify it later. Optionally, you can add another layer of security by setting a passcode for your secret.

5. Add a new account for the protocol of your choice- you can use æternity, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Groestlcoin, Tezos, Cosmos and æternity Ethereum Token.

Now, you can sync your vault with your wallet!
6. Download AirGap wallet on your everyday use smartphone, then select your created account on AirGap vault, and press the “SYNC ACCOUNT” button.

7. Go to AirGap wallet, select “Scan QRs”, and scan the QR code on the vault device to sync your account.

Now your Wallet and Vault are synced and you are ready to start transacting!

Now that’s done, we’ll move on to transactions.

1. On AirGap wallet, select your account and enter the public key of the account you want to send Tezos tokens to. You can also scan the QR of the receiver’s account.

2. Select the amount you wish to transfer, as well as the address you are sending to. You can then select the amount of the fee you want to pay to the baker. The higher the fee, the happier the baker becomes, and your transaction will be placed at a higher priority in the block.

However, you do not have to pay too high of a fee as your transaction is almost guaranteed to be validated on the blockchain anyway (sorry bakers!).

3. Select “Create transaction”, then scan the QR Code using AirGap Vault to sign the transaction.

4. Scan the signed transaction with AirGap wallet to confirm the transaction.

Congratulations, you have now successfully completed your first transaction!

Moving on, we will talk about how you can delegate your Tezos tokens on AirGap.

1. On AirGap wallet, select your account, and delegate Tezos.

2. By default, the baker is tezosAirGap, the creator of AirGap. You can change the baker to one of your choice by clicking on the ellipsis button at the top right corner, and enter your baker’s address.

3. You can now delegate! The fee charged by the baker as well as the estimated returns are all stated before you confirm delegation.

4. Upon successfully delegating your Tezos tokens, your screen should look like this:

Since I am just an intern and do not have any money, I delegated a whopping total of 1 Tezos token.

AirGap also allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies if you have at least two different tokens. Simply click on “Exchange” and select the two tokens you wish to exchange.

Another important feature is the Blockexplorer. On the Blockexplorer, you can track the status of your transactions on the blockchain. There are two ways through which you can use the Blockexplorer. Firstly, to check your account details, and secondly, to check your transaction details.

“Wait, hang on, what do you mean by account details?”

Well, it simply means that through the Blockexplorer, you can check your balanced tokens, the value of that balance, the amount delegated, the baker, baker split, as well as your transactions. You can access these by clicking on your account, then clicking on the ellipsis at the top right-hand corner and selecting “Open Blockexplorer”.

Your account details

Your transaction details

Not only that, with the Blockexplorer, you can also view your transaction details. These transaction details are very useful as they contain your transaction hash, the block number, timestamp of the transaction, the value of the transaction, as well as the fees. You can access all these by selecting your account on AirGap wallet, clicking on the transaction you want to find out more about, and opening the Blockexplorer from the bottom right-hand corner.

Oh no, I somehow deleted my account by accident. What should I do???

No worries! There is a very simple fix for this issue. First, we must understand that when you ‘delete’ your account on either AirGap vault and AirGap wallet, it is actually only removed from your mobile device, and you can definitely still retrieve your accounts.

If you have deleted your account on AirGap wallet, go to AirGap vault, click on your account and re-sync it again.

If you have deleted your account on AirGap vault, you just have to add the protocol back and your account will be restored. For example, if you accidentally deleted an account with Tezos tokens, just add a new account and select Tezos. However, you have to ensure that you are using the correct secret.

If you have accidentally uninstalled AirGap vault (that would be pretty impressive I must say), you will have to import your secret. This is when the secret you have generated and copied down (hopefully) comes into play!

Reinstall AirGap vault, import a new secret and write all the 24 words from your secret. Remember to check your spelling and order! As your secret can be used to gain access to your account, DO NOT give your secret words to anyone. Keep it a secret!

My QR code just won’t scan. What’s the problem?

Don’t worry, the application just has an issue of a scanner that is not so sensitive. Try closing the scanner and try again, or restart the applications. Remember to ensure that your phone camera and screen are clean.

I can’t set up or import a secret, what should I do?

The team at AirGap has identified that there may be a glitch in the applications, where users are unable to set up or import a secret. It is recommended to set up a passcode, fingerprint or pattern unlock on your mobile device if you do not have one. If the issue still persists, try to restart your device. If it still doesn’t work, you can drop us an email at [email protected]

So, that’s all on how to use AirGap to manage your Tezos tokens. I hope this guide has given you an idea of how AirGap works and how you can use it for delegation and baking.

Next up, we will be posting a blog post on using Galleon Wallet, so stay tuned! Please feel free to share this blog with your friends!

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