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The success of any decentralised network is determined by the efforts of a robust, diverse, and flourishing community. As a member of the Tezos community, Tezos Southeast Asia is committed to providing resources that will help ensure its success and longevity.

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Tezos is committed to supporting organisations which contribute to the growth of the Tezos community and ecosystem. We are very active in supporting regional organisations and university-based groups focused on Tezos and the larger blockchain ecosystem.

Here are some community organisations that compose the Tezos ecosystem:

· Tezos Southeast Asia (Twitter)

· Tezos Japan (Twitter)

· Tezos Korea (Twitter)

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We would like to thank all who have shown your support to TSA and Tezos Taiwan at the SITCON 2019! We hope it was fun and rewarding! (Psst... If you missed out on the presentation, you can catch it here:

Missed us already? We will be back on 11 April 2019 for our next exciting event! (👇See below👇)

Time: 19:30~21:30
Venue: Mozilla Community Space Taipei (MRT Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station)

For more information on how to sign up, please visit:
Topic: Programming Language in the Era of Blockchain Technology: Its Role, Development and the Opportunities

Blockchain is one of the hottest topic online these days and it can be applicable to many topics. Yet, the information on this topic available online are typically vague and inaccurate - every source seems to provide a different definition and understanding. However, one thing for sure is that blockchain is a cutting edge technology and it is here to stay. So here comes the real problem: For the functional language and/or programming language enthusiasts, what kind of challenges do the blockchain bring? Join our developer, YunYan Chi, as he shares his personal experiences of the problems he faced with blockchain, especially Tezos.

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Tezos Southeast Asia wishes everyone a Happy Easter! 🐰 🐰

Neat, multisig support coming to the #Tezos CLI!

It's a small thing but built in support is really convenient. What's more that contract has some formal proofs of correctness in Coq.

Our New Podcast with @asiatezos is out!

@JoyceinNYC speaks with the Tezos Southeast Asia president Caleb Kow about STOs in Thailand, the blockchain opportunities in Southeast Asia, and TZ Ventures, a newly launched global accelerator

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