As markets accelerate towards digitalization, the next wave of financial innovation requires strong foundations to ensure a sustainable financial ecosystem. RF International Holdings (“RFIH”), together with Tezos Southeast Asia (“TSA”), recognize such a need through their announcement at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019, to jointly explore areas within which the Tezos technology can form the bedrock of secure transactions in Digital Assets and Tokenization. 

RFIH is is a technologically driven global financial group and TSA is a non-profit organization whose goals are to develop and promote the adoption of Tezos technology within the region. The two parties came to a common understanding of the importance of building solid fundamentals within the financial industry to provide a stable and secure environment for the next wave of financial innovation to take place. This, in turn, aims to encourage a healthy growth of the financial industry.

Eric NEO Say Wei, Chief Executive Officer at RFIH, adds: “We welcome Tezos’ blockchain technology approach on Digital Assets and Tokenization. This initiative complements RFIH’s ongoing commitment to define the future of the financial market, incubating new digital financial platforms that benefit the community”.

Of particular interest to TSA is the angle to consider the adoption of formal verification methods, which help to prove the validity of smart contracts in financial transactions to build trust in decentralized systems. Tezos technology facilitates such methods at the platform layer, so that smart contracts can utilize these inherent benefits right from the start.

“Tezos offers one of the most advanced blockchain platforms to date to create Smart Contracts that cannot be censored or shut down. Furthermore, stakeholders in Tezos network can participate in the governance process, allowing for a systematic procedure to reach agreements on proposed protocol amendments”, Eric further adds. 

With this partnership, both parties have agreed to mutually share expertise and delve into common areas of focus within the financial services industry where Tezos technology can establish itself as the base for future secured transactions. 



About RF International Holdings Pte Ltd

RF International Holdings (“RFIH”) is a technologically driven global financial group that centres around Investment Management, Digital Assets, Private Equity, Asset Management, Capital Markets, Credit, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy Real Assets and Special Situations, headquartered in Singapore. Helmed by former visionary industry executives from the financial and technology sectors, the team sets out its journey to define the future of the financial market, incubating new digital financial platforms that benefit the community. Its suite of innovative offerings will provide the creation of wealth and sustainability for all. With over 40 years of combined experiences, RF International Holdings aspires to become Asia’s digital financial powerhouse. It is revolutionizing next-generation proprietary digital financial eco-system for the future. For more information on RFIH, please visit RFIH LinkedIn

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