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To Advance TEZOS‘ Unique Smart-Contract Technology

Why is Tezos Technology


Bug-free Software

There is an urgent need for a new generation of bug-free software. Windows crashes were just an annoyance. But if your bank, your car, your power grid, and your medical devices start failing, that’s a serious problem.

Technologies to create bug-free software exist, but they require a change in the way the software industry operates.

Our Contribution To The Industry

Tezos has created a blockchain technology that is stable, secure, sustainable and scalable.

Tezos Southeast Asia

What We Do

Education & Training

In our Masterclass for universities, students learn about computer algebra, numeric computations, distributed computing, zero-knowledge proofs, formal certification of algorithms, peer-to-peer networks and distributed systems, attack of cryptographic protocols and consensus algorithms, algorithmic game theory, stochastic algorithms and probabilistic simulations.

Support Local Universities

  • Include new software methods and tools in their curriculum
  • Bring external expertise to help training
  • Create certifications for local students
  • Partner with local companies to provide internships and future jobs

Support Local Companies

  • Identifying projects that would benefit from Tezos technologies
  • Supporting them technically during the pre-sales and delivery process
  • Bringing external resources to assist and train them

Industrial Partnerships

  • Industry 4.0
  • Public Registries
  • Retail