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To Advance TEZOS‘ Unique Smart-Contract Technology

Before Tezos

Breakdown of Blockchain due to hacks and bugs resulting in costly problems and fatal outcomes.

software-bug-blockchain With-Tezos-Smart_Contracts

With Tezos

  • Secure and stable platform that prevents intrusion by hackers.
  • Scalable and does not consume enormous amount of power.
A Brief Introduction

Tezos is a new platform for smart contracts and decentralised applications

We believe that Tezos will drive social, political and economic innovation on a Global scale.

Seriously, we do

Smart Contracts

Tezos offers a platform to create smart contracts and builds decentralised applications that cannot be censored or shut-down by third parties

Formal Verification

Tezos facilitates formal verification, a technique used to improve security by mathematically proving properties about programs such as smart contracts. It also prevents costly bugs and the contentious debates that may follow.


Tezos blockchain is designed to facilitate formal verification and helps secure smart contracts and avoid buggy code.


Tezos’ unique proof-of-stake consensus algorithm gives every stakeholder the opportunity to participate in the validation of transactions on the network and be rewarded by the protocol for doing so.

On Chain Governance

The Tezos protocol offers a formal process through which stakeholders can efficiently govern the protocol and implement future innovations.

Tezos Community

The Tezos community is among the strongest and most exceptional in the blockchain space

Get involved

Tezos Southeast Asia

Tezos Southeast Asia exists as a member of this community, working alongside developers, scientists, bakers, designers, start-ups, and enthusiasts towards the success of Tezos.

Tezos Blockchain: Baking Day Series


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Why is Tezos Technology


Bug-free Software

There is an urgent need for a new generation of bug-free software. Windows crashes were just an annoyance. But if your bank, your car, your power grid, and your medical devices start failing, that’s a serious problem.

Technologies to create bug-free software exist, but they require a change in the way the software industry operates.

Our Contribution To The Industry

Tezos has created a blockchain technology that is stable, secure, sustainable and scalable.

Tezos Southeast Asia

What We Do

Education & Training

In our Masterclass for universities, students learn about computer algebra, numeric computations, distributed computing, zero-knowledge proofs, formal certification of algorithms, peer-to-peer networks and distributed systems, attack of cryptographic protocols and consensus algorithms, algorithmic game theory, stochastic algorithms and probabilistic simulations.

Support Local Universities

  • Include new software methods and tools in their curriculum
  • Bring external expertise to help training
  • Create certifications for local students
  • Partner with local companies to provide internships and future jobs

Support Local Companies

  • Identifying projects that would benefit from Tezos technologies
  • Supporting them technically during the pre-sales and delivery process
  • Bringing external resources to assist and train them

Industrial Partnerships

  • Industry 4.0
  • Public Registries
  • Retail

Our Programs

Masterclasses, Meetups, Seminars and Community Outreach

Tezos Hanoi Networking Party: Celebrating One Year

Tezos Hanoi Networking Party: Celebrating One Year


[Indonesia] Blockchain Technology and Income Revolution for Millennials

[Indonesia] Blockchain Technology and Income Revolution for Millennials


Tezos Asia 2019

Tezos Asia 2019


Tezos Hanoi Meetup 2018

Tezos Hanoi Meetup 2018

9 Oct 2018

Tezos Asia Leaders Summit 2018

Tezos Asia Leaders Summit 2018

September 2018

NTU Masterclass

NTU Masterclass

19th to 28th Oct 2018

Tezos Hong Kong Meetup 2018

Tezos Hong Kong Meetup 2018

October 2018